DocPoint Corporate

DocPoint Corporate Edition is a document and imaging management solution for Large and Medium Organizations that deal with large volumes of paper documents, computer generated files, and email correspondence.

DocPoint Corporate is a client server program. The Database is installed on the organizational Server and each workstation is securely connected to the server. The Users comprise several Workgroups or Departments. All users have access to the Database.

Each user is a member of one Workgroup and is assigned a Security Level to this Workgroup.

»   Read – Can open and read a document only.
»   Write – Can read and create new documents.
»   Administrator – Can manage the settings of DocPoint.

A built in user named Administrator manages Workgroups, Users and the settings of DocPoint.

A user belongs to a Workgroup. When he logs in to DocPoint he is automatically connected to his Workgroup.

»   Documents created by a user belong to the Workgroup.

»   A user has permissions to all his Workgroup documents.

»   A user has permissions to all his Workgroup documents.

The built in user Administrator can assign a user permanent permissions to other Workgroups.

»   Cabinets are global.

»   Each Folder in a Cabinet belongs to a Workgroup.

»   Sharing documents in a Folder between Workgroups needs permission.

»   The Administrator can assign a Folder to be shared by other workgroups.

»   A user can file documents in his Workgroup Folders and shared Folders.

Perfect for Large and Medium Organizations

DocPoint is a flexible document and imaging solution that adapts to meet multi-departmental needs while allowing users to maintain established and preferred procedures. The Corporate Edition includes robust security features and batch document import features.

Comprehensive Security Features

Control and secure access to organizational information. Restrict the actions a user can perform based on the user’s workgroup affiliation and document security permissions defined per cabinet, folder, document, and user.

Document Versioning

Document versioning allows you to create and maintain versions of the same document. Users can open old versions, restore versions (replacing the current version), and delete old versions.

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