DocPoint Editions

Express  –  For a single user and single computer

Professional  –  For one Workgroup with multi users

Corporate  –  For several Workgroups with multi users

Reader  –  For multi users who search and read only

Free  –  Free Express edition with a limit of 500 documents. When this limit is reached this edition is converted to the Reader edition.



Express Pro Corp



Instant document retrieval
Import files from Windows Explorer
Archive directly from Outlook
Archive directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Email directly from DocPoint
Convert Office files to PDF
Batch import/export
Standardized document creation with templates
Digitally sign documents
Document version control
Multi-page scanning
Scan documents as PDF
OCR support
Support TWAIN-compliant scanners
Network Support
Remote Desktop access  √  √  √  √  √
Security access policies  √  √
Multi-user support
Workgroup support  √
Runs on Win XP  √
Runs on Win 7/8/10  √  √  √
Supports Office 03/07/10/13/16  √
Required  NET 3.5,  4.0, 4.5  √  √
MS SQL databases Built in Server Server Server Built in
Free or Trial  √  √
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