Frequent Questions

The frequent questions provide a quick way to get to know DocPoint , its rich feature set and system architecture.

General Information

What is DocPoint?

DocPoint  is a simple, powerful, and affordable document and record management solution for organizations of any size who need to find, manage, track, and share information within and among teams.

Who manufactures DocPoint ?

Do-It Software is a privately held software company dedicated to simplifying information and knowledge management for companies, small businesses, professionals, and home users. Our unique value is in an affordable, feature rich document management solution, backed by our team of experienced and dedicated developers, IT specialists, management consultants, and account managers

How long has DocPoint been on the market?

We have been perfecting the DocPoint product line since 1998. DocPoint’s sister product ScanPoint – a document and record archiving solution – was released in 1999.

What type of companies use DocPoint ?

The range of customers we serve reflects the pervasive need for effective document and imaging management solutions across industries. Dedication to a thorough understanding of both personal and industry-specific requirements has made DocPoint accepted in homes, small businesses and larger organizations in varied sectors such as:

  • Personal and home use
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Local government
  • Military
  • Financial services
  • Legal
  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Non-profit

What's the difference between the various DocPoint editions?

DocPoint is available in three editions – Express, Professional, and Corporate.
The Express Edition is intended for personal and home use.
The Professional Edition is intended for small businesses that require a multi-user and cross departmental document management solution.
The Corporate Edition is intended for larger organizations that require security features and regulation compliance.
It is possible to start with a departmental deployment of the Professional Edition, and scale up to the Corporate Edition when required.

For more information on the three editions, click here.

Can DocPoint interface with other business systems?

We have extensive experience interfacing with business applications such as ERP, MRP, accounting, and project management software. Transactions between DocPoint and other business applications are based on open, application and platform independent protocols, like SQL or XML-based data exchange.

What are the hardware requirements to use DocPoint ?

DocPoint supports a PC with Windows XP/Vista./Win 7/8/10.
You will need a scanner to convert paper document to files and import them into DocPoint. 

If you are interested in the Professional or Corporate Editions that support multiple users and are deployed as client/server  click here for more information.

What scanners does DocPoint support?

You can operate any scanner, directly from DocPoint, supporting TWAIN  protocol.

Can I try DocPoint out before I buy?

Yes. A free 21-day trial version of DocPoint is available here

How much does DocPoint cost?

DocPoint is as Shareware, which is a software distribution method based on the “try before you buy” principle. A free 21 day evaluation of DocPoint will make you confident that you are buying a solution that fits your needs.

The direct Shareware distribution method permits us to sell feature-rich products at affordable prices. The initial investment in DocPoint and the total cost of ownership are significantly lower than other products with similar functionality.

See the full price list.

Getting Started

Can I learn how to use DocPoint on my own?

Yes. Comprehensive documentation will get personal users up and running with DocPoint  in no time. However, some of our larger customers find it time and cost effective to learn from DocPoint  experts. You can enlist a DocPoint representative or reseller for on-site training and document management consulting to facilitate the deployment process.

What documentation do you provide?

We provide comprehensive user, administration, and installation manuals. Click here for documentation

Is DocPoint difficult to install?

Installing DocPoint on client workstations is simple and takes a few minutes. Step-by-step administration and installation guides will walk you through setting up and configuring DocPoint to work in your organization’s network environment.

How do I import existing documents into DocPoint ?

DocPoint  has a powerful document import wizard designed to help you import multiple documents quickly and easily. DocPoint uses file name and metadata to automatically populate the imported document record.

Core Functionality

What kind of documents does DocPoint manage?

DocPoint can manage any kind of computer-generated file. You can use DocPoint  to manage Microsoft Office documents, scanned records, CAD drawings, and every other kind of file you and your organization work with.

You can view and edit computer-generated files if you have a suitable application installed on the local workstation and registered in the Windows registry.

Does DocPoint support MS Office?

DocPoint is integrated seamlessly into MS Office. Once DocPoint is installed an ‘Add to DocPoint’ button is added to the menu of Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Creating Office documents and sending emails are performed from within DocPoint.

How are documents stored?

Documents are stored in their native format in repositories specified by the user or system administrator. Documents can automatically be assigned a storage location according to cabinet and folder context.

Using DocPoint to manage your documents results in a central information and knowledge repository for you and your organization, facilitating backups and knowledge retention.

What kind of reporting capabilities does DocPoint have?

In an effort to allow users pinpoint any document within seconds, DocPoint  allows you to search according to document properties, cabinet, folders, classification, owner, addressee, and more. The reporting capabilities are varied and subject to the user’s search criteria, and provide an efficient way to locate information.

Does DocPoint support record locking?

Yes. DocPoint prevents users from trying to access the same documents simultaneously by using a record locking mechanism to protect database integrity.

Can I manage and track document versions using DocPoint?

Yes. DocPoint  stores and tracks previous document versions. You can manage and track document versions by creation/modification date, author, and textual comment.

What document security features does DocPoint provide?

Only authorized users can access files based of configurable access levels. Extensive security measures can be employed per cabinet, folder, document, user, and workgroup. DocPoint’s rich set of security features assist organizations in SOX, SEC, and HIPPA regulation compliance.

Can I archive data to CD/DVD?

Yes. DocPoint allows you to archive cabinets and files to another storage medium such as CD and DVD.

Is there a limit on the number of users?

There is no limit on the number of DocPoint users. The number of users does reflect in the pricing of the various product editions.

Can you prevent users from knowing certain cabinets, folders, or files exist at all?

Yes. DocPoint’s security methodology allows the system administrator to define access and viewing privileges to cabinets, files, and folders. This means that you can create document repositories and prevent select users from even knowing of their existence.

Can I log in to DocPoint from a remote site?

DocPoint’s security mechanism allows you to authorize users remote access privileges over the Internet. This does not require additional software, and is easily achieved with components already included with Windows. Remote access can also be achieved using Remote Desktop, Terminal Server, Citrix or a VPN connection.

Can I run DocPoint over a WAN?

DocPoint can run over a WAN. However, it is our experience that clients prefer running DocPoint using Windows Terminal Server when accessing documents from remote locations. This is a faster solution when viewing, editing, and performing queries since information remains at the central repository, and there is no need to send documents over the network for viewing.

How much network bandwidth does DocPoint require?

We have successfully deployed DocPoint across organizations with remote offices. Our experience suggests that when performing queries that produce large output data bandwidth becomes a factor. In such situations some of our clients increased their Internet connection speed to minimize client/server response time.


How does DocPoint compare with other document management software?

A rich feature set at an affordable price places DocPoint at the forefront of document and imaging management solutions. Our ‘Try Before You Buy’ distribution method permits us to sell feature-rich products at affordable prices. The initial investment in DocPoint and the total cost of ownership are significantly lower than other products with similar functionality.

My company is evaluating an enterprise-wide document management solution. Why should I download and evaluate DocPoint?

Enterprise-wide systems take months – at best – to evaluate, fund, design, implement, and debug. During this process you can immediately reap benefits by using DocPoint. Our customers have DocPoint up-and-running in less than a week, and enjoy a rapid return on investment. Even after an enterprise-wide system is put in place, DocPoint will continue to provide important benefits to your department, while interoperating with the enterprise-wide application.

It is common that companies invest in a document management software, and then not use it. Do people actually use DocPoint?

There are many satisfied customers who consider DocPoint an integral part of their business process. Many of them tried other document management solutions before, and experienced adoption resistance, integration difficulties, and a lengthy employee learning process. It is our experience that DocPoint  is compelling to use, not only because it allows you to pinpoint information within seconds, but also because it transforms the document management process into an enjoyable experience.

Do I have to upgrade my file system to install DocPoint?

There is no need to upgrade your file system to use DocPoint. You can import your files and documents to DocPoint, and leave your existing file system intact.

How often do you release new versions of DocPoint?

Updates and bug fixes are released continuously. They are free to download for users who subscribe to the Annual Support Plan.

What is your policy about product updates?

The Annual Support plan includes free software updates and technical support (purchased major version only). You can purchase an Annual Support subscription at our online store.

For detailed pricing click here.


Does DocPoint use a database to manage documents?

Yes. DocPoint’s database stores information about your files, such as subject, topic, writer, addressee, classification, status, storage location, and more. The database allows DocPoint to quickly provide current information about your documents without searching through thousands of physical files for every query. DocPoint’s powerful search capabilities are presented to users in a friendly interface that makes the underlying database technology transparent.

My IT department is concerned about the impact DocPoint may have on their department. What can I tell them?

DocPoint is IT friendly. Once you deploy DocPoint in your workplace there is little need for IT staff attention. Basic first-time setup and routine maintenance are handled by the same users who use DocPoint  to manage their documents.

What database does DocPoint use?

DocPoint supports all versions of MS SQL Server.

How many records/files can DocPoint effectively/efficiently manage?

DocPoint has no inherent limit to the number of documents and records it can manage. DocPoint’s performance depends on infrastructure characteristics such as server processor speed, memory, hard disk controller, and number of concurrent users.   

Can I export data from DocPoint to other programs?

Yes. You can export documents, cabinets, and folders using an export wizard. In addition, you can access the database directly and draw information using SQL tools. It is also possible to work with a DocPoint  customization specialist to develop automatic data extraction features.

How much do users need to know about database management or queries?

Nothing at all. Users have a friendly and intuitive interface at their command, and there is no need of any database management expertise.

How will my IT department back up DocPoint's database and documents?

DocPoint’s database and storage locations are configurable, and your IT department can easily add them to a routine backup procedure. When creating and importing documents to DocPoint, the user chooses a logical storage location. This is useful, since the administrator maps the logical storage location to a physical one, resulting in a situation where all documents are saved in predetermined locations, and routinely backed up.

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