DocPoint Feature List

Document Management

    • Document version tracking and control.
    • Folder views offer intuitive and flexible document organization
    • Document tags allow easy classification and retrieval.
    • Display document data, index fields, versions, attached documents, and meta information in an easy-to-use document profile card.
    • Public and private folders can be set up to allow document sharing and ad hoc workflow.
    • Move documents across folders.
    • Rename documents and folders.
    • Attach multiple documents to a document profile.
    • Create templates for quick and standardized document creation.


    • Scan paper documents using TWAIN-protocol scanners and hybrid capture devices.
    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
    • Batch import of electronic documents and directories.
    • Import documents and files using Windows Explorer.
    • Archive files and electronic documents in native format (i.e. text, PDF, images, spreadsheets, movies and CAD drawings).
    • Tight integration with Microsoft Office applications – Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. A toolbar in Office applications allows quick document addition to DocPoint 14 .
    • Mandatory metadata specification.
    • Automatic metadata generation during batch scan process.
    • Use file and folder information as input to importing process for automatic metadata generation.
    • Automatic extraction of email message body, attachments, and metadata.
    • Scan additional pages into existing documents.
    • Remove blank pages while scanning.
    • Image adjustments while scanning (remove noise, remove lines, crop, rotate, and perform other image cleanup).
    • Convert files to archive images (PDF and TIFF) without printing and scanning.
    • Document scanning separation identification.


    • Assign database fields to documents and folder using Document Profile Cards (DPC).
    • Define custom index templates for different document types.
    • Document index properties according to predefined selection lists for standardized entries.
    • Mandatory fields do not allow capturing documents without indexing information.
    • Automatic data format conversion to specified format.


    • Configurable storage location on local or network volumes.
    • Independent physical and logical storage hierarchy.

Search & Retrieval

    • Precise search and retrieval according to indexed data queries.
    • Find terms in context using proximity search.
    • Intersect index data queries to narrow results.
    • Search using keywords.
    • Limit search results to selected folders and topics.

Distribution & Collaboration

    • A uniform organization-wide portal for managing, searching, creating, and scanning files and documents.
    • Multi-user network environment support.
    • Export documents and folders.
    • Integration with Microsoft Outlook.
    • Integration with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
    • Integration with Windows Explorer.
    • Export document and folder metadata.
    • Email documents and folders using DocPoint 14 .
    • Email documents and folders in PDF format using DocPoint 14  (automatic conversion to PDF).
    • Email links to documents and folders using DocPoint 14 .
    • Remote access via the Internet.


    • User access privileges determine the level of access granted or denied to particular documents or folders.
    • Group access privileges determine the level of access granted or denied to particular documents or folders.
    • Import access privileges determine rights to import documents.
    • Export access privileges determine rights to export documents.
    • Administrative functions require privilege rights.


    • User manual
    • Installation guide

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