Version History
  • Allow a work group administrator to perform copy paste in Cabinets and Folders form.
  • Add a summary User Permissions form in Corp.
  • The Administrator can set the period for the AuditLog records.
  • Remove apostrophe from subject field when creating or updating a card.
  • Modify the process of copying an existing Folder to another part of the tree.
  • Emailing a doc from Linked Docs form which was opened directly from Folders Search form fails – bug fixed.

» Add a Trace Log (Pro and Corp editions).

» Color code each type of document.

» Fix the minor bugs.

» Remove invalid characters when renaming cabinets or folders. » User can choose if selected folder stays on parent when creating a new folder. » Fix the viewing of Office docs.

» Improve sorting in Search Folders screen. » Fix bug in Care of Date in incoming letters.

» Fix bug in Received Date in Incoming Letters. » Add a feature for search by keywords in any order.

»  Import office documents and convert to templates. »  Update Security settings in background. (Corp edition) »  Fix small bugs in Import. »  When selecting a cabinet in search folders do not show immediately the whole contents. »  Add more info to About form.

»  Support for Office 2016.

»  Fix bugs in the import process of documents in Corporate edition.

»  Add an option to show subfolders as a default when searching in folders.

»  Allow to edit manually the document library path.

»  Add a print button to the form’s help.

»  Fix creation of bookmarks (did not create in header and footer).

»   Fix bug in Corporate edition when administrator opens a card. It was empty when it belonged to a new Workgroup. »   Improve speed of security update in Corporate edition.

»   Export files and create directories to correspond the folder’s structure in DocPoint. »   Enable delete of ver 0 in linked documents. »   Remember the last source when importing to DocPoint. »   Fix minor bugs.

»   Fix the Duplicate Cabinet issues. Used to ask for restart if  run by user with administrative permission. »   Display the Cabinet description in Search Folders screen.