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Do-It Software is a privately held software company dedicated to simplifying information and knowledge management for companies, small businesses, professionals, and home users.
Our unique value is in an affordable, feature rich document management solution, backed by our team of experienced and dedicated developers, IT specialists, management consultants, and account managers.

The program’s interface is plain and attractive, with its features arranged in intuitive menus. You can think of DocPoint as a virtual filing cabinet. In fact, it uses the same terminology, making it easy for users to make the conceptual leap from paper to electronic documents.   Read more..

 DocPoint document management software assists you organize and monitor all your scanned and digital files. The company presents its users with a decent document tracking system, plus its integration with the email program in your office gives you a superb business contact organizer. As one of the top document management software services, DocPoint comes with reminders and workflow tracking that assist you stay abreast with your schedule of the day to day working as well as important projects. 

DocPoint Professional offers a strong set of tools to organize and manage a paperless office. DocPoint gives you some excellent resources for importing, scanning and organizing your business files. In addition, workflow controls and program integrations make it easy for you to create and keep track of all of your company’s important deadlines and projects.

Docpoint offers an easy to use document management software solution for either personal, professional or corporate users who need an affordable digital document management system to go paperless. Docpoint seamlessly integrates with existing your applications, comes with the ability to import scanned documents to a digital archive plus a smart inbuilt document search and retrieval capability. A rich set of document management, administration and security tools makes Docpoint a reliable digital document management solution for individuals and businesses alike..  

Immediately, documents could be found quickly and easily for any of the firm’s clients and for legal
matters. There was no uncertainty about which draft was the latest version. We could find past
documents that made useful starting points for documents needed in a similar case. And, if I need to
get a document while on the phone with a client, it is readily available. By entering key words, it’s
possible to quickly find any document.  

We were looking for something to help us manage our business more
efficiently so we’d be able to search or retrieve documents easily.
DocPoint helps us do all that in a most professional way.

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